Five Mile Retail Development, Queenstown – Triton

The Five Mile retail development site is part of the rapidly expanding Frankton Flats development in the Queenstown. Constructing such a massive commercial development on silty soils meant it was essential to utilise a proven stormwater management system.

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Vector Wero, Auckland – DuraMesh® MSE Wall


The Vector Wero Whitewater Park is a staged project designed to be a world-class tourism destination. It’s New Zealand’s first facility to offer an artificial river and watercourse for recreation, sports, emergency services training, school programs and youth development.

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M4 Widening, NSW – Platipus® Mechanical Earth Anchors

Platipus M4 Project

The WestConnex is a world-class infrastructure project that will cut 40 minutes from a typical journey between Parramatta and Sydney Airport. Work is underway on the first 7.5km of M4 Motorway being widened to four lanes in each direction between Parramatta and Homebush.

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Livestock Improvement Centre – Triton Stormwater System


When LIC (Livestock Improvement Centre), a rapidly expanding farmer-owned co-operative and an employer of 2000 staff needed to grow its Head Office Carpark in Newstead Hamilton, there was no option other than to develop the space where the current stormwater pond for the site was situated.

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Slope Stabilisation Geothermal Station, Taupo – SurePave™

SurePave Industrial 3

The contractor was asked to find a product that was able to retain the gravel filling and be cosmetically appealing while keeping within the budget. SurePave was the ideal solution to this ground reinforcement and gravel retainment challenge.

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Queens Park Development, Hamilton – RainSmart® Stormwater System


Stormwater was directed through the RainSmart system to the lower parts of the development, and when it filled the lower pipes the excess water was able to flow back into the RainSmart tanks through perforations in the through pipes.

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Parkwood Gateway Holdings, Hamilton – Triton Stormwater System

Gateway Holdings Triton

The Developers of this 1.06 Ha Commercial Development needed a comprehensive stormwater system to mitigate the effects of the runoff from the proposed low rise sub-urban commercial and retail centre.

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Canberra Airport Development, ACT, Australia – SurePave™

Canberra Airport SurePave

SurePave was chosen to be used at this high-profile development to create a free draining, pothole free, grassed surface able to withstand heavy turning vehicles.

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Collville Coast Storm Damage Repairs, Thames – DuraGreen System


Storm Damage on the Coromandel Peninsular is all too common. Here we see a series of significant slips being repaired using StrataGrid® and soft facings. The contractors were keen to utilise both Cirtex products and our on-site support during construction.

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Helensville Water Treatment Pond Desludging – EnviroSieve Dewatering Tubes


Downer EDI Water used a siphon effect to fill the EnviroSieve’s with sludge and pumped the overflow water back up to the pond. Working between two EnviroSieve’s gave time for one to consolidate while the other was filled, without having to decommission the pond.

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Hamilton Ring Road – BioCoir Coconut Fibre Matting

BiorCoir Laying

Cirtex® supplied a significant quantity of BioCoir matting for the Hamilton Ring Road project. Cirtex BioCoir is a biodegradable coconut fiber matting for erosion and sediment control and landscaping applications.

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SH4 Dropout Repair – DuraMesh™ Reinforced Soil System


I D Loaders Ltd won the contract for repairing this drop out on State Highway 4 at Te Rimu and chose the Cirtex DuraMesh System for the repair. The slip extended right across one lane and required a 3.6m high wall to reinstate the road.

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