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Customer Support

Advanced research & development

The field of geosynthetics is rapidly advancing and evolving with new technologies and methods. Embracing these developments ensures that the best possible outcomes are achieved while maximising cost savings and benefits that are often possible with these new technologies.

Cirtex invests considerable resources to bring the latest products and solutions to you from around the globe.

Largest New Zealand owned geosynthetics manufacturer and supplier

By relentless focus on customer service and providing value to our clients, Cirtex has become the largest New Zealand owned supplier of geosynthetics leading the New Zealand and South Pacific market.

Technical Design & Support by Cirtex


Cirtex has a team of engineers inhouse who specialise in geosynthetics. Our team are focused on smart solutions and economising design wherever possible to afford cost savings for the contractor/client. Our technical support staff are available throughout contract period to support the contractor in the use and best practice associated with all items supplied. Our field sales staff are site-safe approved and have extensive training in contract management and geosynthetic applications. Cirtex has a reputation for assisting customers beyond what would normally be expected, as part of our commitment to a partnership of expertise which delivers success.

Quality assurance

Cirtex is ISO 9001 accredited, a minimum standard that we also demand from our key global supply partners.

Cirtex Delivery Trucks

Ability to deliver

To ensure on-time delivery to meet demanding project deadlines, Cirtex has extensive stock holdings in our distribution centres, Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Wellington, and our manufacturing facilities are located in Thames. A strong focus on DIFOTIS (Delivered In Full, On Time, In Spec) by our Operations and Logistics Team is central to measuring, maintaining and constantly improving our delivery performance.