Cirtex is pleased to announce we now offer the Bebit Glass Fibre Asphalt Reinforcement Grid. The Bebit Asphalt Reinforcement Geogrid is used for reducing reflective cracking in asphalt surfacing, and reinforcing asphalt over trenches, services, and lane width extensions.

Bebit Asphalt grids have been shown to extend pavement life by 30 – 50%.  The superior performance of Bebit G50 plus comes from the fact it is manufactured with glass fibre technology with a dense fibre infill and a bituminous coating, giving the following key benefits for both the design engineer and the construction contractor:

  • High modulus, Bebit grids develop much higher strength at lower strain than comparable PET fibre products, making it much more effective at inhibiting crack formation
  • Very high softening point, Bebit G50 plus has a softening point of ≈ 850 degrees compared with approximately 180 degrees for PET, meaning that the hot bitumen will not affect the product
  • Recyclable, due to the fact that the fibres in Bebit come from a mineral base it can be milled if the pavement needs to be rehabilitated later in its life

Millions of square metres of Bebit have been installed worldwide, including a number of very demanding applications such as airport runways. Cirtex has the Bebit G50 plus available ex stock in both 2.2m and 3.8m wide rolls for fast delivery nationwide.

Phone Cirtex now for a sample of Bebit and more information on the many benefits this can introduce to your project.