For many years you have likely heard of the benefits of geosynthetic reinforcement in road pavements, and maybe even experienced it first hand, but there have been very few tools that allow us to incorporate these known benefits in to a pavement using actual test data and reputable methodologies. Cirtex has developed CAPLab, an innovative and user friendly program to assist design and show cost comparisons for specific projects. Watch the video to understand more about CAPLab and click below to register to get your copy today.



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Video transcription

Hello and welcome, I’m Michael from Cirtex Industries Ltd. We’re a leading supplier of geosynthetic solutions to the civil engineering and contracting market in New Zealand and the South Pacific.

We’ve recently released the CAPLab pavement design program onto the New Zealand market and we’re excited about this. We’ve been working on it for a long time and we want to tell you about it, and we want to tell you how you can get your own personal copy of this program underway.

So, for many years you’ve probably known about the benefit you can get from a geogrid in a pavement section, and you’ve probably even experienced it in your own projects but there have been very few tools available to us to allow us to integrate those known benefits into a design using proven methodologies and reputable data.

CAPLab is an innovative and user friendly program which allows us to design a pavement section using the known benefits of a geogrid. It produces an output with the geogrid reinforced section alongside an unreinforced section so you can see graphically on the screen the advantages, and it also gives you a cost saving analysis based on the user input data that you have put in for your specific project.

So fill in the form here and we will get your copy of CAPLab underway for you.

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