Civil Case Studies


SH20A to Airport – SecuGrid®

The NZ Transport Agency’s upgrade of SH20A to motorway standard has provided a safer, more reliable route to and from the airport and has increased freight efficiency around South Auckland.

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SH23 Waitetuna to Raglan – ECP2

NZTA are currently working on a new initiative called ‘The Safe Roads and Roadside program’ to make our state highways safer. NZTA recently deemed a piece of SH23 (between Hamilton and Raglan) as a ‘high risk rural road’.

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Takatakahia Slip Repairs – DuraMesh®

A large-scale storm event struck the Coromandel Peninsula late July 2017, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. One location profoundly affected was SH25a where the Takatakahia stream embankment had suffered extensive scouring from rising water levels.

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Millwater Development – DuraMat RF

Millwater is a development complex just north of Silverdale, Auckland. The Millwater project began in the early 2000's with 3,000 properties being built, housing over 10,000 residents.

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Geoter CNC

Christchurch Northern Corridor – Geoter

The CNC Alliance is a project that is being designed and built by a group of companies. The idea of it is that you bring these people or organisations together to construct something that’s got some unique features, and where there needs to be a bit nimbleness and a bit of collaboration.

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AluExcel South Frame

South Frame Pūtahi Whakatetonga – AluExcel

The South Frame is a major development in the Central Christchurch Recovery Plan to create high-quality pedestrian spaces connecting the city through a series of laneways building a genuinely prestigious city centre.

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Vector Wero – DuraMesh®

The Vector Wero Whitewater Park is a staged project designed to be a world-class tourism destination. It's New Zealand’s first facility to offer an artificial river and watercourse for recreation, sports, emergency services training, school programs and youth development.

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