SH20 to Airport, Manukau, Auckland – Platipus® Anchors

Cirtex Barrier Mesh

The NZ Transport Agency’s upgrade of SH20A to motorway standard has provided a safer, more reliable route to and from the airport and has increased freight efficiency around South Auckland.

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Tauranga Sea Wall Rock Revetment – DuraForce™


Drive Crescent in Tauranga was under attack from high flow rates from tidal flow in that area. The project had a short timeframe and needed fast, reliable supply to the site to meet the challenging deadline.

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Thames Coast Road Rock Revetment – DuraForce™


A combination of a supermoon king tide, low-pressure weather system and strong winds made for a perfect storm. The storm hit SH25 between Thames and Coromandel on January 5th, 2018.

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Christchurch Northern Corridor – Geoter

Geoter CNC

The CNC Alliance is a project that is being designed and built by a group of companies. The idea of it is that you bring these people or organisations together to construct something that’s got some unique features, and where there needs to be a bit nimbleness and a bit of collaboration.

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