Queenstown Airport Infrastructure Improvements – DuraFlow

Queenstown, one of the fastest growing regions in New Zealand, and always a top destination for our ever-increasing tourism market, has just set the benchmark for seamless infrastructure improvements at the International Airport. Cirtex® was pleased to be involved in the project.

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Montreal Business Park – SecuGrid®

The engineer selected SecuGrid 40/40 due to its high modulus and low elongation. SecuGrid 40/40 was placed in 4 layers through a 1.2m deep aggregate foundation and allowed compaction of the first layers of aggregate even though the subgrade was incredibly soft.

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Tauranga Eastern Link – CeTeau® Wick Drain

Construction of Tauranga Eastern Link required a significant amount of ground stabilisation, due to the alluvial silts and peat which characterises the area. A big part of this stabilisation involved the use of Wick Drains to speed consolidation.

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