Longlands Development, Matamata – Triton


The Longlands Lifestyle Village is the latest retirement village based in Matamata, Waikato region, a rural town known for its dairy farming heritage and world famous for providing shelter to Hobbits.

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Five Mile Retail Development, Queenstown – Triton

The Five Mile retail development site is part of the rapidly expanding Frankton Flats development in the Queenstown. Constructing such a massive commercial development on silty soils meant it was essential to utilise a proven stormwater management system.

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Livestock Improvement Centre – Triton Stormwater System


When LIC (Livestock Improvement Centre), a rapidly expanding farmer-owned co-operative and an employer of 2000 staff needed to grow its Head Office Carpark in Newstead Hamilton, there was no option other than to develop the space where the current stormwater pond for the site was situated.

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Queens Park Development, Hamilton – RainSmart® Stormwater System


Stormwater was directed through the RainSmart system to the lower parts of the development, and when it filled the lower pipes the excess water was able to flow back into the RainSmart tanks through perforations in the through pipes.

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Parkwood Gateway Holdings, Hamilton – Triton Stormwater System

Gateway Holdings Triton

The Developers of this 1.06 Ha Commercial Development needed a comprehensive stormwater system to mitigate the effects of the runoff from the proposed low rise sub-urban commercial and retail centre.

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Marine Parade Pavement Rehabilitation, Tauranga – RainSmart® Stormwater

rainsmart tanks

Cirtex supplied the tanks in CKD form to save freight costs and the contractors assembled them at their premises to save time on site. Installation is simple with clear instructions, and the RainSmart® system does not require large quantities of aggregate to facilitate the design such as tunnel systems do, further reducing costs on site.

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Gills Road Subdivision – RainSmart® Stormwater System

Gills Road Rainsmart

This large RainSmart quad tank system was required to attenuate the Stormwater from a new subdivision in Albany.

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Giltrap Farm Machinery – Triton Stormwater System

triton project

Bentofix NSP 4300 Geosynthetic clay liner was used successfully as a landfill cap in this project for the Southland Health Board. During the Demolition of the old Kew Hospital block, the rubble was taken to an on-site landfill for disposal.

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