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125a Murphys Road, Auckland - Allan Block® – Classic


MC Civil & ICB


Lander Geotechnical Consultants and Mckenzie & Co. Consultants


125a Murphy’s Road, Flat Bush

Products Used

Allan Block® Classic (Iron Sand) and StrataGrid® SG350


Santi Alvarez

Technical Sales

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Located at the heart of Flat Bush, South Auckland, Murphy’s Road has become a very popular artery that links Redoubt Road, Flat Bush School Road and Ormiston Road, an area that currently supports large housing and employment growth.

The 125a Murphy’s Road project, also known as Murphy’s Park development, used to be an old farm and is set to be a high amenity residential community, which will include a child care facility, quality and comfortable houses, and a retirement village, offering elevated views, a native bush, and stunning surroundings.


Cirtex Industries got approach by Lander Geotechnical Consultants at a early stage, which ended up benefiting the project in terms of costs and performance. Our engineering team prepared preliminary designs for three big Allan Block structures that were tweaked according to the engineer’s needs. Consideration and very specific discussions were taken regarding a storm-water pipe that was crossing the retaining wall, and how the child care facility foundation was going to affect one of the retaining walls and the placement of its geogrid.


Multiple experienced retaining wall contractors bid for the project, being ICB the company selected to carry out the work. Even when ICB is one of the most experienced using the Allan Block system, they put in charge of project a new team that did a fantastic job. Cirtex provided their usual on-site support and discussed with the contractor the best way to build corners, why the drainage metal depth varied and how to work with the StrataGrid, among other things. In one of our inspections we were told that the misalignment of the wall was less than 3mm in a 50 metre long distance. We cannot forget that they were dealing with concrete, and that every block unit is slightly different from each other, being 3mm a very impressive and accurate feat.

The products used provided the following benefits to the project:

  • Retained areas up to 5.6 metres high
  • Beautiful aesthetics near the entrance of the park that go along the high quality development
  • A RW1 configuration similar to an “at rest” state instead of an active soil state
  • Extremely good value for money compared to other systems that competed for the project

Products used in this Project


Allan Block®

The Allan Block stacks beautifully and creates a smooth and fluid finish for every wall, bringing a refined look of classic natural beauty to any landscape.



StrataGrid is a high-performance soil reinforcement geogrid. It is manufactured from polyester yarns that have a high molecular weight and excellent tensile strength.