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Culvert Repair – MagnumStone® Retaining System


Higgins Contractors




Coroglen, Coromandel

Eddie Hewetson

Technical Sales

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Located on one of Coromandel Peninsula’s busy routes, a small culvert near the town of Coroglen needed to be upgraded. In the past the contractor would have typically opted to apply traditional ‘rock rip rap’ on the slopes on either side of the culvert at a batter of approximately 1:3-1:2. However, this would have meant relocation of the existing farm fence and created a lot of extra work and hassle.


MagnumStone was selected as the preferred solution for this project. Cirtex was approached by the contractor to assist with the block configuration which allowed them to quickly adapt MagnumStone Blocks to the site.


Once the design was finalised, the contractor  was able to quickly complete the installation of the MagnumStone within 2 days.

The MagnumStone Mass Block System used provided the following benefits to the project:

Products used in this Project



MagnumStone™ is a wet-cast interlocking concrete block wall system that was developed with both the engineer and contractor in mind.