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Greville Road Project - EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtain


HEB Construction




Albany, Auckland

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Contractor HEB Construction used four 25m x 1.5m EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtains fastened together to contain sediment from a 100m long section of road works with outstanding results.

The Turbidity Curtain has a flotation pontoon at the top, enclosed in a canvas sleeve with a non woven geotextile skirt for effective containment of sediments. The durable materials used allows contractor to re-use turbidity curtains multiple times.

A number of other environmental products were also used from Cirtex, SiltFence, Super SiltFence, Silt Socks and DuraForce® geotextile for the effective control of sediment laden run off, protecting our waterways.

Products used in this Project


DuraForce® AS Geotextile

DuraForce AS series geotextiles are manufactured and tested to exact quality standards and rated according to the NZTA F/7 specification for geotextiles.


EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtain

EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtains are a floating barrier, ideal for containing waterborne sediments when working in marine environments, lakes and waterways.



SiltFence is a woven geotextile consisting of strong, rot resistant, chemically stable long chain synthetic polymer materials, dimensionally stable with each other.



A quick and effective way of managing sediment runoff into culverts and waterways.