Haywards Interchange – Rock Faced DuraMesh®

DuraMesh MSE Wall


Downer New Zealand


Mills Albert


Tonkin + Taylor




Brendan Currie

Technical Sales


Mechanically Stabilised Earth Structures (MSE) were required to support SH58 above McDougalls Grove and the off-ramp to Manor Park as part of the interchange improvements. DuraMesh® and DuraSlope were used to fulfil these requirements successfully.


Cirtex® worked closely with Tonkin + Taylor and Downer Construction to find a solution for the 70˚ MSE wall that could meet both the structural parameters as well as the requests of the landscape architects. Keeping with the surrounding river environment proved challenging; however, the solution was Rock Faced DuraMesh wall using natural river stone as the facing material.


The contractor was able to pre-assemble the DuraMesh panels and the required grid run length before placing the complete units into position and backfilling. Along with the benefit of being efficient, this meant safety was optimised by allowing the employees to work in the safety of a level yard and minimising the need to work at height. The DuraMesh system allowed for safety railing system to be installed which could be easily erected and deconstructed at every lift as the wall was built.

The Rock Faced DuraMesh System provided the following benefits to the project:

  • Cost effective – DuraMesh Provide overall cost savings to the MSE wall portion of the project.
  • Efficient to install – DuraMesh is quick and easy to install saving time on site.
  • Safe – DuraMesh units can be pre-assembled allowing installation crew to work in a safe environment.

Products used in this project

DuraMesh® – Reinforced Soil System

The DuraMesh system is a proven, engineered, reinforced soil system with a steel mesh facing for slopes up to 90°.

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