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Helensville Water Treatment Pond Desludging - EnviroSieve Dewatering Tubes


Downer New Zealand


Mills Albert


Tonkin + Taylor



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Downer EDI Water used a siphon effect to fill the EnviroSieve’s with sludge and pumped the overflow water back up to the pond. Working between two EnviroSieve’s gave time for one to consolidate while the other was filled, without having to decommission the pond.

Also used on this project was a Cirtex Silt Curtain. Constructed in house to project specific measurements, the Silt Curtain has a flotation pontoon at the top, enclosed in a canvas sleeve and an anchor weight at the pond floor, with a non woven geotextile between for effective filtration of sediments. This contains the contaminated water within the working area and therefore meets environmental consent requirements.

EnviroSieve’s were chosen as an effective dewatering option for this water treatment pond in Helensville. EnviroSieve’s are constructed with a unique high flow woven geotextile.

Products used in this Project


EnviroSieve Dewatering Tubes

EnviroSieve Dewatering Tubes are manufactured from a high flow woven geotextile, and are used in a wide range of dewatering applications.


EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtain

EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtains are a floating barrier, ideal for containing waterborne sediments when working in marine environments, lakes and waterways.

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