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Millwater is a development complex just north of Silverdale, Auckland. The Millwater project began in the early 2000’s with 3,000 properties being built, housing over 10,000 residents.

Earth Stability and Cirtex worked together on Millwater Precinct 5, now known as Arran Hill. The developers aimed to maximise the amount of usable land, so batters on Arran Hill were constructed steeper than natural slopes. This resulted in the need to provide a geocomposite product between the clay and topsoil to prevent the soil from slipping. Cirtex provided DuraMat RF, an erosion and protection matting reinforced with a double twist steel mesh. DuraMat RF provides stabilisation to the slopes, preventing the topsoil from slipping when saturated.

Earth Stability used abseiling to scalew the steep walls while securing the DuraMat RF to the steep clay batters.

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Products used in this project

DuraMat RF – Heavy Duty Turf Reinforcement Matting

DuraMat RF is a three-dimensional composite erosion and protection matting reinforced with a long life double twist steel mesh.

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