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SH23 Waitetuna to Raglan - ECP2




Safe Roads NZTA/BB&O Joint Venture


Safe Roads NZTA/BB&O Joint Venture


SH23 Hamilton to Raglan


James Dickinson

Technical Sales

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NZTA are currently working on a new initiative called ‘The Safe Roads and Roadside programme’ to make our state highways safer. NZTA recently deemed a piece of SH23 (between Hamilton and Raglan) as a ‘high risk rural road’ through this initiative (NZTA/BB&O joint venture) and Broadspectrum were contracted to perform various safety improvements.

This particular site required a 25m high and 60m long cut face to take out a corner to improve visibility. The client required the face to be stabilised and greened for aesthetics.


As Cirtex has been involved in a number of the ‘Safe Road’ projects around New Zealand, Broadspectrum contacted us to work together and come up with the best possible solution.

After discussions around possible options the decision was made to go with the ECP2 High Performance Turf Reinforcement Matting (to provide aesthetically pleasing finish) in conjunction with the 300mm HD steel pins for durability.


Broadspectrum found the ECP2 very fast and easy to install and they were able to achieve high production rates during installation. The project manager for Broadspectrum was very pleased with the overall solution.

The ECP2 provided the following benefits to the project:

  • Turf Reinforcement Matting allows for an aesthetically pleasing vegetated finish for steep slopes that are prone to erosion and scour
  • Versatile finish
  • UV Stabilised for greater life span

New alternative to ECP2



ECC3 is a permanent Turf Reinforcement Matting that allows vegetation to be established and maintained in high stress environments.