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Sheet Pile Reinforcement – Platipus® Earth Anchors

Icon Co Pty (NZ) Ltd

CLL Service and Solutions Limited


Soil & Rock Consultants


6-8 Munroe Lane


Grant Suckling

Technical Sales

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A new six level purpose-built 26,675m2 office block with a 212 space car park in the basement was being constructed on Munroe Lane Auckland. The building footprint covered the majority of the site. This resulted in the requirement for temporary retaining around the perimeter of the property to allow excavation and construction of the footings and basement to be completed.


Due to the depth of the excavation, the sheet pile retaining had to have additional anchors to retain the surrounding soil. During construction there was plant, machinery and personal operating within the retained zone so it is critical every anchor achieved the required load. In the anchored zones there were variable soils types so the Platipus Earth Anchor system was chosen as the most suited anchor type for this project.


Sheet piles were installed from the existing ground level prior to excavation. During the staged excavation from within the sheet piled area the Platipus Earth Anchors were installed.

Platipus Earth Anchors are a percussion driven system and can then be immediately loaded upon completion on installation as there is no grout curing time as required with alternative anchor systems. As part of the standard installation process every anchor is load locked which provides the engineer with immediate performance data of each anchor. This allows the engineer design flexibility as the project progresses and assurance that critical design factors are being met.

The Platipus B10 Earth Anchors used provided the following benefits to the project:

Products used in this Project


Platipus® Civil Anchor Systems

Platipus percussion driven mechanical anchors are a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly installed into most displaceable ground conditions.