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Pinesong Retirement Village slip repairs, Auckland - DuraMat


Earth Stability


Harrierson & Grierson, Soil & Rock Consultants




Pinesong, Titirangi, Auckland


Grant Suckling

Technical Sales

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Pinesong Retirement Village is located on the coast of Titirangi in Auckland. The main 5 storey building stands tall on a steep cliff face right above the sea, offering fantastic 180-degree views overlooking the Auckland harbour.

There had been several slips that were starting to endanger the foundations of the building, and Earth Stability was contracted to soil nail and retain the face of the cliff to prevent any future slips from occurring.

Cirtex provided DuraMat RF which was placed across 1,100m2 of the exposed cliff face to retain the soil and allow vegetation to grow, while also allowing anchors to be drilled through it. DuraMat RF is a double twist steel mesh reinforced with a 3-dimensional composite matting that provides high strength and low elongation, preventing scour while assisting vegetation growth.

Along with DuraMat RF – AquaDuct, T-RECS turf reinforcement matting and over 300 Platipus® S8 anchors were used. The project was completed successfully, and there has been no further erosion of the cliff face.

Products used in this Project



AquaDuct is an innovative low cost solution to get water away from the end of culverts and prevent erosion around and under culverts. Install AquaDuct in long lengths where access is difficult to channel water to the base of steep slopes in a controlled way.


DuraMat RF

DuraMat RF is a three-dimensional composite erosion and protection matting reinforced with a long life double twist steel mesh.


Platipus® Civil Anchor Systems

Platipus percussion driven mechanical anchors are a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly installed into most displaceable ground conditions.



The high-performance T-RECS Turf Reinforcement Mat is a permanent woven polypropylene geotextile that can be used to replace costly hard armour systems such as concrete, rock or gabion mattresses.

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