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St Leger Subdivision, Te Awamutu - T-Recs TRM & Platipus ARGS Anchors


Pemberton Civil


Te Awamutu, Waikato

Products Used

T-RECS & Platipus S4 ARGS Anchors


James Dickinson

Technical Sales

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The designer on the project selected T-RECS to be applied to the large swale drain below the stormwater overflow ‘bubble up’ which was a steep slope (approximately 1V:4H). Once the T-RECS was applied to the soil, it would provide the client with a robust solution that would ensure the site could handle a large storm event with minimal soil eroding and therefore protecting precious aquatic life in the stormwater pond below.


Cirtex was able to offer the designer a robust solution that would be able to handle flow velocities of up to 7.6 m/sec coming from the stormwater overflow while maintaining a natural green look compared with traditional ‘hard’ alternatives such as concrete or rock. With the addition of the Platipus S4 Anchors, this solution would also address the risk of shallow slide failure.


Our account manager James Dickinson worked closely with the contractor throughout the installation process to prevent downtime. This included visits to the site to provide installation support and collaboration with the Cirtex logistics and customer service teams.

The products used provided the following benefits to the project:

Products used in this Project


Platipus ARGS® Anchors

Platipus® Anchors has over 30 years experience and has proven that the combination of Percussive Driven Earth Anchors (PDEAS®) and a high strength facing material to support the load generated by the PEDA will stabilize and prevent erosion in these applications.



The high-performance T-RECS Turf Reinforcement Mat is a permanent woven polypropylene geotextile that can be used to replace costly hard armour systems such as concrete, rock or gabion mattresses.