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Waiomu Valley Road, Thames Coast - DuraMesh® MSE Wall


OnTrack Contracting Limited


Llandem Consulting Engineers


Waiomu Valley Road, Waiomu

Products Used

DuraMesh MSE System & FlexiFlume Culvert Flume


Santi Alvarez

Technical Sales

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The Waiomu Valley Road is the route that connects Waiomu with the Waiomu Kauri Grove, a 2-hour return walk that introduces trekking enthusiasts to one of the Coromandel Peninsula’s finest remaining kauri stands. Just off this road is an old farm track that creates the only access way for an upcoming new subdivision. A section of this track had failed and collapsed. The purpose of this project was to reconstruct and stabilise the old farm track, with a retaining wall that would blend well into the natural environment.


Although the first option considered by the project engineer was a timber pole retaining wall, the geotechnical investigation concluded that this was going to be both impractical and very expensive due to the required size of the poles and the amount of rock underneath the structure that could not be easily drilled. After evaluating different options, a DuraMesh MSE wall was chosen. As experts on the system, the Cirtex technologies team worked hand in hand with Llandem Consulting Engineers, to provide a concept design, analysis and optimising the geogrids needed in the reinforced soil structure.


The contractor, OnTrack Contracting Limited, was already familiar with the DuraMesh system, so their experience helped to complete the 4.5 metre high MSE wall in approximately two weeks. Due to the presence of a high ground water table, the retaining wall was built on a 1 metre deep drainage rock bench. Access to quality rock fill material was not an obstacle as aggregates were easily available from a quarry close by. FlexiFlume, a lightweight culvert flume manufactured from durable, flexible polymer fabric, was also installed in the middle of the retaining wall to collect, divert and shift water away from a culvert on the other side on the track.

The products used provided the following benefits to the project:

  • A green face that blended and camouflaged within the natural surroundings
  • A better and stable bench for the road on top of the MSE wall
  • A cost-effective and easy to install proven solution
  • Reduced the susceptibility to future erosion and scour

DuraMesh® Typical Cross Section

This 3D diagram shows an overview of the installation layers of a standard DuraMesh wall. This is not an installation guide and only acts as a concept.

Products used in this Project



FlexiFlume is a cost-effective product to remove water in a controlled way from culverts, sediment ponds, stream diversions and other applications around a site, preventing erosion and scour.