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Rewarding great work

Allan Block Contractor Certification is back, and this time we are determined to do it in a way that hopefully reaches and helps more contractors than ever before. The Allan Block Rewards Program is designed to recognise those Allan Block Certified Contractors for their loyalty and commitment to building top-quality Allan Block projects around New Zealand.

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The importance of construction practice in reinforced soil structures

There is a lot of benefit to a contractor to win a reinforced soil project. However, we must realise that there is a high level of skill required. They will need to be familiar with the required design outcomes, and understand the importance of the compaction levels, required fill types, drainage detailing and facing construction to name a few.

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Smarter Road Network Maintenance

Once again, we find ourselves deep in the middle of winter with the weather pounding our road networks and coastal areas, and many parts of the country experiencing saturated ground conditions.

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Cirtex Geotextile Coastline

Geotextile protecting our coastlines

New Zealand has a very long coastline in proportion to its land mass, with approximately 15,000 kilometres of coastline, which is the 9th longest of any country in the world. This makes the country especially susceptible to the effects of coastal erosion, with frequent storm events causing major land loss and affecting state highways and private property.

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Which Block Wall is best for your site?

Whether it's enhancing your backyard, creating more usable space for a subdivision, or a large commercial development, retaining walls are creating value for customers every day by allowing them to gain more usable ground.

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Better outcomes through innovation

The Industry and the NZTA, along with other RCA’s in New Zealand are actively looking for innovation to provide better outcomes and lower costs, however innovation requires a change in the way we do things, a change in attitude and sometimes even a change in our written guidelines and codes.

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Erosion & Sediment Control Guide

Erosion and sediment control are two distinct though related processes. Erosion control is preventing the washing away of soil particles by the action of wind or rain, while sediment control relates to controlling or containing the sediment laden water once erosion has taken place.

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Slips on roads

Storm damage to roads: why do slips happen when it rains?

Road closures and delays on our state highways and regional roads following storm events seem to be more common than ever. Some of the big events hit the headlines and cause major delays over days or even weeks, while dozens of smaller slips go unnoticed by the media but still cause untold headaches and delays to road users nationwide.

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Geogrid vs steel

Extensible vs non-extensible? or Geogrid vs Steel?

What is extensible reinforcement in a bridge abutment or MSE Wall? It sounds like we are trying to build with some stretchy rubbery product. However Inextensible reinforcement sounds more like it. Nice and strong, and it won’t stretch. Now is that the case?

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Urban Heat Island

Three ways to overcome the Urban Heat Island

The term Urban Heat Island (UHI) refers to the fact that urban areas are hotter than rural areas due to human activities, in fact, Cities are on average 2˚C hotter during the day than rural areas, and as much as 5.5 ˚C hotter at night.

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