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Coastal Pathway - Christchurch

Case Studies

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Matamata Longlands

Triton was chosen as the preferred solution for the site, as it boasts a number of benefits over alternative stormwater systems, including the ability to double stack the chambers to maximise land use.

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Wawata Estate - Waiheke

The development of the Wawata Estate on Waiheke Island is using an engineered steepened slope that will retain the road around this rugged terrain.

StrataWeb® Geocell was used to form the facing, while StrataGrid® was placed within the reinforced fill to provide long term stability to the slope.

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Kaikoura Rebuild

Right on the eve of the long-awaited opening of State Highway 1 at Kaikoura, Cirtex and the NCTIR team are pleased to present this epic case study video.

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SH25 Coast Road Repair

A storm hit SH25 between Thames and Coromandel on January 5th, 2018. Sea surges and heavy rain caused extensive damage to approximately 35km of the coastal highway closing this critical transport link.

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Otahu Heights Subdivision

Due to the rugged terrain, a large MSE wall was required to provide access to the subdivision. Cirtex worked to optimise the design and provide significant material and time savings.

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Thames DOC Centre

RainSmart was specified as the stormwater system for the new DOC centre being built in Totara, Thames.

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CHCH Northern Corridor

The CNC is the first alliance contract of this size in the South Island. It is an alliance between the NZ Transport Agency, Christchurch City Council, Fulton Hogan, Aurecon and Jacobs.

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Donegal Glen Bridge

The Allan Block culvert walls and approaches allowed an aesthetically pleasing entrance to the subdivision, allowing the creek to flow under the road continuing its natural course.

Product Workflows

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Staple Wasp Gun

A speed comparison between installing ground staples by hand vs. using the Staple Wasp. Tips, tricks and maintenance procedures.

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Floc Shed

The Cirtex® Floc Shed is a rain-activated device to add the correct volume of flocculant into a sediment pond or decanting earth bund during a rain event.

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Pond Decant System

The Cirtex T-Bar Decant System is a quick and easy solution to decant the clear water from Sediment Retention Ponds and Decanting Earth Bunds.

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Shear Lock®

This video demonstrates how the Shear Lock® system works to intercept the slip plane of shallow landslides and prevent further erosion.

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Coastal Protection Geotextile

One of the most common forms of coastal protection is a rock seawall, comprising large boulders placed over a nonwoven geotextile.

Product Installation

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Stream Diversion

Learn how to build an open channel stream diversion with the use of Cirtex products to ensure environmental compliance it met.

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Silt Fence

Using a Silt Fence is crucial when containing sediment runoff from work sites and protecting water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas. However, their effectiveness can be limited if not installed correctly.

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Rocklok® provides superior strength and performance, with stronger pin-block connection and trench system allowing positive connection to geogrid and steel reinforcement.

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An instructional animation showing the construction of a DuraMesh® wall.

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Decant System

An instructional animation showing the assembly of a 110mm Sediment Pond Decant System.

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The ultimate edge restraint for hard landscape surfaces, whether it be asphalt, resin bonded or loose gravel, blocks, bricks or paving slab.