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Supplying a comprehensive range of the latest geosynthetic products from both our own manufacturing operation in New Zealand and World Class manufacturers overseas.

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Cirtex NZ Diploma in Engineering Scholarship

21 Sep 2017

Cirtex Industries Ltd has always had a strong focus on continued learning and staff development, investing significant amounts on training and developing staff to allow them to excel in their...

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A Best Practice Guide to Erosion and Sediment Control

12 Sep 2017

Erosion and sediment control are two distinct though related processes. Erosion control is preventing the washing away of soil particles by the action of wind or rain, while sediment control...

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Storm damage to roads: why do slips happen when it rains?

21 Jul 2017

Road closures and delays on our state highways and regional roads following storm events seem to be more common than ever. Some of the big events hit the headlines and cause major delays over days...

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