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Supplying a comprehensive range of the latest geosynthetic products from both our own manufacturing operation in New Zealand and World Class manufacturers overseas.

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Which Block Wall is best for your site?

2 Mar 2018

Whether its enhancing your backyard, creating more usable space for a subdivision, or a large commercial development, retaining walls are creating value for customers every day by allowing them to...

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Better outcomes through innovation, are we opening the door?

25 Jan 2018

Abstract The Industry and the NZTA, along with other RCA’s in New Zealand are actively looking for innovation to provide better outcomes and lower costs, however innovation requires a change in...

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Cirtex NZ Diploma in Engineering Scholarship

21 Sep 2017

Cirtex Industries Ltd has always had a strong focus on continued learning and staff development, investing significant amounts on training and developing staff to allow them to excel in their...

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