Many of you would have noticed the rapid housing growth at Pokeno, just beside the southern approach to the Bombay hills. As these developments move towards the surrounding elevated ground the outlook over the surrounding area opens up to a vista of town and country scenes, increasing the value of the housing and therefore the return for the developer. However, it also raises the need of retaining walls to maximise the usable land.

The Pokeno Heights subdivision was originally proposed with a two tier system of timber pole walls. The team at Cirtex® along with Bowers Retaining systems studied the problem at hand, and proposed a single Allen Block wall to replace the two tier system. This solution gave the developer more usable land, was economical to build, and also provided a more elegant up market look which further enhances the value of the sections.

The Allan Block classic blocks and backfill are reinforced with StrataGrid® High tenacity PET geogrid to give a robust 100 year design life that can withstand the surcharge weight of housing close to the crest.

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