AluExcel – Aluminium Landscape Edging

The perfect restraint for hard landscape surface edges, including asphalt, resin bonded or loose gravel, blocks, bricks or paving slab.

AluExcel is made from 6005A grade recycled aluminium and is durable, flexible, smart and discreet. Excellent for surface edge finishing which needs a full thickness of material without roughness, cracking and spilling over into adjoining areas.

An excellent choice of surface edging for both contractors and specifiers because of its simple efficiency, clean lines and speed of installation. The stability and benefit to the environment of aluminium compared to concrete is well documented, making AluExcel the No.1 choice in aluminium landscape edging.

Available in a variety of sizes, including 18mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm high, AluExcel can create both perfectly straight lines and curved features.


  • Strong but flexible
  • Alignment strip
  • Perfectly straight lines
  • Lightweight and user friendly
  • Straight or curved


PRODUCT SIZE (H) x (W) x (L)


AluExcel 40mm x 45mm x 2.75m Kit


AluExcel 50mm x 45mm x 2.75m Kit


AluExcel 75mm x 45mm x 2.75m Kit


AluExcel 100mm x 70mm x 2.75m Kit


AluExcel 120mm x 70mm x 2.75m Kit


AluExcel 150mm x 70mm x 2.75m Kit

All kits include: One joiner and four stakes per length




Does AluExcel require a concrete foundation and haunch?

Is this available in different colours?

What is the minimum radius I can achieve with the AluExcel product?

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