Cirtex® Danline

Cirtex Danline is a robust polypropylene rope.

Danline rope is manufactured from high tenacity polypropylene yarns and is used for many applications on an earthworks site from reinforcing the top of barrier mesh to lifting ropes for Decant T Bars. Danline is an easy to handle, abrasion resistant and high strength product.

It is effective in use with Pond Decants, SiltFence and Barrier Mesh systems.

Benefits & Features

  • Good anti-abrasion properties
  • High UV light resistance
  • Highly flexible and easy to handle
  • Economical
  • A multi-purpose polypropylene rope ideal for general industrial applications




Danline Rope Black

4mm x 220m

Available in convenient coils

Danline Rope Coil

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