DuraFlow Drainage Composite

DuraFlow drainage composites are a combination of a biplanar or triplanar geonet with a nonwoven geotextile attached to one or both sides.

DuraFlow drainage composites have many applications and are commonly used to provide a drainage channel in landfills, pavements and retaining walls. The use of the DuraFlow can remove the need for drainage material that is difficult to place and costly.

The product may be supplied as a net only or, when a positive filtration function is required, a geotextile may be attached to one or two faces of the net.

DuraFlow is available in a biplanar and triplanar geonet in a range of thickness from 5mm – 10mm to meet the requirements of different projects.

It has a high compressive strength able to withstand the compressive loads associated with deep landfill construction applications. The product has a unique rib structure which ensures efficient drainage through the product in a very uniform manner.

The geotextile that may be attached to the DuraFlow can be supplied in a range of weights and polymer compositions. Wide rolls ensure simple installation.


Roll Size
3.9m x 30m

Benefits & Features

  • Wide width rolls available
  • Economical alternative to traditional granular methods
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • High compressive strength
  • Excellent drainage distribution
  • Cost-effective alternative to drainage aggregate


Frequently Asked Questions