DuraFlow Q

DuraFlow Q is a three-dimensional composite product consisting of a drainage core and nonwoven geotextile for drainage application.

DuraFlow Q is used extensively to drain water or gas in various applications. In landfill engineering, DuraFlow Q serves three functions at once; filtration, protection and drainage, when installed directly above a geomembrane.

The ability of DuraFlow Q to passively relieve water pressure makes it ideal for drainage over buried structures and for road edge strip drain applications. The filter geotextile and the drainage core can be efficiently dimensioned to meet the required drainage capacity. DuraFlow Q is also used successfully as a drainage layer in the construction of buildings, tunnels and roofs.



Roll Size
DuraFlow Q 800/2/14
2m x 35m
DuraFlow Q 800/2/14
4m x 35m

Benefits & Features

  • Filtration, protection and drainage in one product
  • Excellent in-plane flow properties
  • Long term hydraulic performance
  • Replaces natural drainage aggregate
  • Resistance to chemical and biological degradation
  • Ideally suited for steep slope application due to excellent shear properties
  • Robust against on site conditions
  • Quick and cost-effective installation
  • Manufactured by ISO quality accredited company


Frequently Asked Questions

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