DuraForce™ C Series Nonwoven Geotextile

DuraForce™ C geotextiles are a heavyweight geotextile for use under rock riprap, liner protection and other applications when a strong nonwoven geotextile is required.

DuraForce C geotextiles are a heavyweight range of polypropylene geotextile for use under rock riprap, liner protection and other applications when a heavyweight nonwoven geotextile is required.

The C range is a coloured, UV stabilised geotextile made from 100% polypropylene staple fibres. This product is made in one of the worlds newest and most advanced nonwoven manufacturing facilities, so you can be confident of its high quality and consistency.


  • Prevents erosion of fine granular material behind rock riprap in coastal and marine areas
  • Protects and preserves shorelines from wind, wave and tidal action
  • Extends the life of rock armouring
  • Four grades available to suit each particular project’s conditions
  • Large roll sizes make installation efficient
  • Black in colour to blend into the environment
  • Staple fibre nonwoven geotextiles are ideal for use where abrasion and movement are present
  • Suitable for applications protecting liners from puncture by subgrade or backfill materials





6m x 80m Roll




6m x 60m Roll




6m x 45m Roll




6m x 30m Roll




I have a slightly different product specified on my plans, what grade of DuraForce C should I use?

What is the recommended overlap for this product?

Can DuraForce C geotextile be used under a pavement or behind a retaining wall?

How do you recommend installing this in a revetment application?

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