Ecoduty Biodegradable Stakes

Ecoduty Biodegradable Stakes are used to secure biodegradable ground covers while vegetation is established.

Ecoduty Biodegradable Stakes offer a safer, environmentally friendly option to steel ground pins. Ecoduty Biodegradable Stakes are ideal to secure ground covers around parks, homes and schools where the risk of personal injury on a rusted steel pin is high.

The Ecoduty Biodegradable Stakes will break down when exposed to the environment, this process will typically take 2-3 years.



Pack Size
Ecoduty Biodegradable Stakes 150mm
500 / Carton
Ecoduty Biodegradable Stakes 200mm
300 / Carton

Benefits & Features

  • Sturdy, impact-resistant head and shank – Prevents breaking on installation
  • Biodegradable
  • Avoids damage to machinery caused by using metal pins

Frequently Asked Questions

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