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EcoMat Hessian

Hessian is a 100% biodegradable, natural jute product used to prevent erosion and help to establish vegetation.

EcoMat is applied effectively on steep slopes, to protect from erosion. In planting areas, it is often covered with mulch to assist with weed suppression.

Hessian is available in two grades; 14oz and 18oz, with the higher 18oz grade being used for steeper slopes more prone to erosion.


Benefits & Features

  • Assists in weed suppression with a mulch covering and is ideal for planting trees and shrubs into
  • Effective for wrapping tree roots when transplanting
  • Use hessian to establish grass seeding as it lets sunlight through but still holds embankments to reduce erosion
  • Hessian is used to establish drain bank planting and helps to prevent scouring
  • Absorbs water to help germination
  • Hessian is also used to slow down the curing of concrete provided the hessian is kept wet
  • Retains moisture effectively
  • Hessian breaks down over a period of 6 to 12 months (depending on conditions) and returns to the soil


  • Prepare the ground by clearing away any rocks and debris and level as much as possible to ensure the EcoMat will have good ground contact.
  • On slopes, anchor the matting in a 150mm trench at the top of the slope and roll down the slope, overlapping rolls by 100mm.
  • Pin the EcoMat to the ground with Cirtex 230mm Ground Staples, using 1 staple per m2 on flat and gentle slopes, and up to 4 staples per m2 on steeper slopes. EcoMat can be hydroseeded if required.


Roll Size
EcoMat Hessian
1.83m x 50m roll 14 oz
EcoMat Hessian
1.83m x 50m roll 18 oz