EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtain

EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtains are a floating barrier, ideal for containing waterborne sediments when working in marine environments, lakes and waterways.

Working in sensitive marine and freshwater environments requires special care to protect the surrounding ecosystem. EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtains are used for containing waterborne sediments to the immediate working environment.

Incorporating an EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtain in your project helps avoid costly fines from inadvertently breaching environmental consent requirements.

The main curtain is manufactured from a robust nonwoven geotextile, with a high visibility canvas float filled with closed cell foam and a pocket to carry a chain weight at the base. For longer curtains, linking clasps can also be incorporated to connect the sections.





EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtain Custom Size


EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtain 2m x 25m


  • Fast and easy to install
  • High visibility floating device
  • A wide range of depths and lengths available
  • Curtain filter material adjusted to suit conditions
  • UV resistant flotation device
  • Available for prompt delivery

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