Fortrac® 3D

Given the global increase in heavy rain events, the construction of slopes with guaranteed long term stability poses a major challenge, particularly when built with steep inclinations.

Fortrac® 3D range offers a stabilisation solution that resists the downward forces of soil mass and achieves a strong bond with soil particles and plant roots.

Through refining the familiar Fortrac geogrid, Fortrac 3D has become a flexible, three-dimensional reinforcement grid made from high-tensile, low-creep multifilament synthetic yarns with integral soil erosion prevention. Two crucial functions are therefore combined in a single product: anti-slip reinforcement and erosion control.

The Fortrac 3D TRM allows the safe construction of steep slopes and their subsequent planting for applications such as embankments, dikes, landfills, landscape structures, reservoirs etc.

Fortrac® is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH registered in Gescher.


A. Anti-slip reinforcement

  • High-tensile, high-modulus, low-creep geogrid
  • Optimum interaction between geosynthetic product and soil
  • High resistance, even in alkaline environments
  • Wide range of tensile strengths

B. Soil retention/erosion control function

  • Three-dimensionally orientated transverse strands for efficient soil retention and prevention of surface erosion
  • Root-penetrable aperture sizes for high vegetation stability
  • Integral structural continuity between three-dimensional transverse strands and reinforcement grid


3D – 20
4.5m x 100m
3D – 30
4.5m x 100m
3D – 60
4.5m x 100m
3D – 90
4.5m x 100m
3D – 120
4.5m x 100m

Benefits & Features

  • Flexible geogrid with 3D mesh structure
  • High stability for critical slip surface even under heavy-rain events
  • Durable vegetation for long term stability
  • Provides friction between layers to hold soil on steep slopes
  • Reliable protection against externa actions
  • Fast and straight forward installation
  • Long lasting rehabilitation
  • Wide ranging applications and customised configurations


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