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GridTex – Geogrid Geotextile Geocomposite

GridTex is a geogrid geotextile composite providing an economical solution for reinforcement and separation when constructing on soft ground.

GridTex is a combination of DuraGrid X polypropylene geogrid with a 200gsm nonwoven geotextile, providing both reinforcement and separation. The combined effect provides a practical solution for dealing with soft subgrades on roads, foundations and working platforms providing both separation and reinforcement in the same roll.

GridTex will save time as it can be laid in a single operation instead of laying grid and textile separately.

This product is available in three strength grades to suit a range of applications being 20/20kN/m, 30/30kN/m and 40/40kN/m.

The stronger grades of 30kN/m and 40kN/m are primarily selected to mitigate construction damage from heavy machinery on very soft subgrades.

The 20kN/m is more commonly used for firmer subgrades and/or lighter construction equipment and the construction of temporary access tracks to enable access across poor subgrades.


Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Features

  • Wide rolls for efficiency
  • Provides separation and reinforcement for roading applications
  • Durable and high resistance to damage
  • Large stock holdings nationwide
  • Provides separation and reinforcement for roading applications in one roll


Roll Size
GridTex 20/20
3.9m x 50m
GridTex 30/30
3.9m x 50m
GridTex 40/40
3.9m x 50m