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PavePro – Stone Stabilisation System

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PavePro is a commercial grade of permeable paving to stabilise gravel or stones for walkways and pedestrian areas.

The advanced honeycomb cell design with geotextile base ensures panels stay buried, preventing stones moving while creating a flat, firm pavement ideal for, pedestrians and cyclists.

PavePro is a cost-effective solution for any permeable paving project.

For the more heavily used areas, we would suggest the SurePave™ product is used as a heavy duty option.

DuPont™ And Typar® are registered trademarks of E.Idu Pont de Nemours registered in United Kingdom.


Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Features

  • Hexagonal cells which retain aggregate – reducing refilling
  • Weed resistant geotextile – keeping maintenance at a minimum
  • DuPont™ Typar® geotextile backing
  • Panels are foldable – making transportation and storage easier
  • Porous and free draining – allowing rainwater to be quickly absorbed


Size (L x W x H)
PavePro XL White 1.8m² Panel
1176mm x 1528mm x 32mm
PavePro XL Grey 1.8m² Panel
1176mm x 1528mm x 32mm


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