Cirtex® Polythene

General purpose heavy weight black Polythene is used in the building and civil construction industries. It has a wide range of uses from erosion protection and covering contaminated soils to under concrete, preventing moisture from coming up though the concrete layer.

Cirtex Polythene is a robust UV resistant polyethylene (PE) membrane available in three thicknesses; 125 micron, 200 micron and 250 micron.

Polythene is an essential site supply used for many applications on civil sites, from covering contaminated soil, to lining stormwater ponds and spillways, and preventing the saturation and weakening of bund walls. Cirtex offers two different roll sizes of Polythene; 4m x 50m and 2m x 50m

Cirtex Polythene tape is used to join polythene on site and is available in 30m rolls in three different widths to suit the required application; 48mm, 96mm and 144mm.




Black 125 Micron

4m x 50m


Black 200 Micron

4m x 50m


Black 250 Micron

4m x 50m


Polythene Tape

48mm x 30m


Polythene Tape

96mm x 30m


Polythene Tape

144mm x 30m



  • Spillways for silt ponds
  • Asbestos removal
  • Used as drop sheets
  • Concrete underlay
  • General insulation
  • Inside greenhouses

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