RainSmart® Drainage Cell

RainSmart® Drainage Cell is a lightweight three-dimensional drainage panel with a high load-bearing capacity, used for subsurface water management.

RainSmart Drainage Cell provides a perfect solution for subsoil drainage and gas collection systems, as well as low impact design and weight sensitive applications such as roof gardens. The drainage cell offers a uniform surface along with an internal void space for effective drainage of excess water. RainSmart Drainage Cell will also provide drainage behind concrete panels, concrete block and timber retaining walls.

The drainage cell system has a unique diamond cup structure. When used in roof garden applications it provides water retention for passive irrigation, helping to build a perched water table in the above soil profile for the vegetation to flourish during prolonged dry periods.


RainSmart Drainage Cell is made from recycled polypropylene and is inert to soil borne chemicals and bacteria. RainSmart cells shallow and effective drainage profile helps landscapes to make use of mature plants on roof gardens that need soil depth and water retention properties.

High summer temperatures can cause thermal expansion in concrete and can cause waterproofing to crack. The unique design of the RainSmart Drainage Cell system and void properties helps this heat to escape, reducing the risk of cracking and so enhancing the life of buildings.

This product is environmentally friendly, made from selected recycled polypropylene that recharges the groundwater table through the principle of infiltration when used on any natural ground surface.

Deck loads are reduced, weighing only 3.2 kg/sqm compared to 250 kgs/sqm of gravel for the same effective drainage.

RainSmart Drainage Cell provides a cost-effective and easy to install choice over alternative and traditional aggregate drainage layers used in retaining wall applications. It will reduce the thickness by up to 75% owing to the high void ratio of the RainSmart cell. It is also a lot simpler and faster to install, allowing large areas to be prepared for backfilling without the need to import different aggregates (backfill and drainage aggregate) into the same backfilling process.

Benefits & Features

  • High compressive load carrying capacity of up to 140 tons/m²
  • High lateral flow capacity
  • Maintains actual void size for effective drainage after backfill and compaction
  • It is thin. The depth of cover is reduced and the use of mature planting in shallow conditions is enabled
  • Holds and creates a perched water table, providing ideal moist conditions for plant growth
  • Reduces hydrostatic forces upon sub-grade walls
  • Alternative to costly and heavy drainage aggregate saving in cost and reducing weight on building structures in roof gardens


RainSmart 30mm Drainage Cell (Plates)
0.6m x 0.5m
RainSmart 50mm Drainage Cell (Plates)
0.6m x 0.5m

Featured Project

Auckland Heliport Gas Venting – RainSmart Drainage Cell

Drainage Solution


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