The Rocklok® segmental concrete block retaining wall system has been proudly developed in New Zealand in conjunction with engineers to meet the demands found in this highly active seismic region.

Rocklok provides superior strength and performance, with a stronger pin-block connection and trench system, allowing a positive connection between the geogrid and steel reinforcement. This system also allows near vertical walls to be constructed and for high load environments.

This fully engineered system is ideal for bridge abutments, wing walls and large retaining walls. The positive connection system provides extra performance and safety when critical loads are present while still providing an aesthetically attractive finish.

The Rocklok system is designed to work in conjunction with the StrataGrid® high performance PET geogrids. Together Rocklok and StrataGrid products provide a positive connection using the unique locking trench and bar system. The Rocklok is also designed in conjunction with Cirtex® steel ladder systems for applications where inextensible reinforcement is required such as bridge abutment applications and similar.

Important information

  • Please consult with your local council for site requirements and regulations before the construction of your wall.
  • For retaining walls exceeding 900mm, or supporting additional loads, slopes, etc., engineering advice should be sought. Contact us for advice.

Rocklok® is a Registered Trademark of Allan Block Corporation registered in the United States.
StrataGrid® is a Registered Trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. registered in the United States.

Rocklok Range

Rocklok Flat
Dimension: 450mm L x 300mm W x 200mm H
Coverage: 11.12 blocks per m2
Pallet: 40 blocks per pallet
Setback: 0.9 degrees from Vertical (near vertical)
Weight: 39.5 Kg

Rocklok Corner
Dimension: 400mm L x 225mm W x 200mm H
Coverage: 12.5 blocks per m2
Pallet: 54 blocks per pallet
Setback: N/A
Weight: 38 Kg

Rocklok Cap
Dimension: 450mm L x 300mm W x 100mm H
Coverage: 2.23 blocks per linear metre
Pallet: 63 blocks per pallet
Setback: 0 degrees from Vertical
Weight: 27.5 Kg


Rocklok Fiberglass Pins*
Dimension: 135mm L x 16mm diameter
Box: 45 pins per box

* Each Rocklok Flat block requires 2 Rocklok fiberglass pins

Benefits & Features

  • 100% New Zealand designed and manufactured
  • Fully engineered and tested
  • Versatile
  • Superior strength
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Clean, smart finish
  • Vertical
  • Environmentally safe
  • High seismic performance
  • Positive geogrid connection available

Rocklok is ideal for:

  • Tall retaining walls
  • Terraced walls
  • High seismic areas
  • Steel ladder reinforced soil retaining structures
  • Bridge abutments
  • Wing walls
  • Water applications
  • Embankment stabilisation
  • Soil anchor and rock anchor walls

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Rocklok Flat

Iron Sand


Rocklok Corner

Iron Sand


Rocklok Cap

Iron Sand


Rocklok Fiberglass Pin




Rocklok Flat

Rock Salt


Rocklok Corner

Rock Salt


Rocklok Cap

Rock Salt

Made to order

Rocklok Ladder

Iron Sand/Rock Salt

Made to order

Rocklok Trench

Iron Sand/Rock Salt



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