SecuGrid® Multi Directional Geogrid

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SecuGrid® geogrids are used for stabilisation and reinforcement of both pavements and foundations.

This geogrid is designed to interlock with the aggregate placed above it to provide stabilisation and bearing capacity improvement to soft subgrades and also reduce rutting in a pavement application.

SecuGrid absorbs tensile forces induced into the soil and distributes the stresses through the high tensile strength bars. This transfer of forces take place by two distinct modes: interlocking of the granular soil into the grid apertures which physically restrains lateral movement of the granular base course material and frictional force transfer between the soil and the wide, flat, structured bars of SecuGrid.

SecuGrid has been extensively tested both in controlled laboratory tests and large-scale field trials to provide accurate design data for the engineer. Independent tests both in New Zealand and overseas have confirmed that SecuGrid can outperform other pavement geogrids in performance trials. Contact Cirtex® for more information and details of these performance trials. SecuGrid geogrids have their main design strength in two directions, and also demonstrate excellent radial stiffness.

Although the apertures of the SecuGrid are square, the geogrid strength and stiffness are measured in every direction around the radial diagram; including diagonally across the bars.

SecuGrid® is a registered trademark of Naue Gmbh & Co. Kg registered in Germany.


Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Features

  • Very high strength at low strains
  • Immediate interlocking effect
  • High angles of friction because of the structured grid surfaces
  • High resistance against installation damage
  • 4.75m wide rolls increasing installation efficiency
  • High resistance against biological and chemical attack
  • Biaxial PP Geogrid strengths 20 kN/m – 60 kN/m
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing process


Roll Size
SecuGrid 20-20kN/m
4.75m x 100m
SecuGrid 30-30kN/m
4.75m x 100m
SecuGrid 40-40kN/m
4.75m x 100m
SecuGrid 60-60kN/m
4.75m x 100m