Cirtex® SiltSocks are a robust permeable sock, used to divert and filter runoff on hard surfaces.

SiltSocks allow for the filling material to be selected to suit the required application. Cirtex supply both filled and unfilled options.

Cirtex SiltSocks are made from high strength UV stabilised fabric and are a quick and effective way of managing sediment runoff on a project site to prevent sediment from entering our waterways.


  • Robust polypropylene woven SiltSock
  • Reusable
  • Ideal for protecting culverts, drain outflows and stormwater runoff gullies
  • Made from a high strength UV stabilised polypropylene, SiltSocks can be filled with a range of mediums including coarse sand, gravel or wood chips
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Includes handles for carrying and staking




SiltSock Unfilled 1m

1m x 150mm


SiltSock Unfilled 2m

2m x 150mm


SiltSock Unfilled 3m

3m x 150mm


SiltSock Bark Filled

2m x 150mm


SiltSock Reinforced Saw Dust Filled 3m

3m x 225mm

SiltSock Diagram

Silt Sock Diagram


*These documents are current as of 13th June 2017. After this date it is your responsibility to check that these documents are the most current specifications relating to erosion and sediment control for your desired region.

South Island Erosion & Sediment Control Guidelines
State Highway Erosion & Sediment Control Guidelines

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