SurePave™ – Grass and Gravel Reinforcement

The SurePave™ interlocking grid structure is designed to secure and reinforce decorative stones and gravel, giving these areas the ability to withstand use from everything to foot traffic to heavy vehicles.

The SurePave units are locked together underneath the aggregate surface, evenly distributing any weight placed on top. This minimises compaction and eliminates potholes and ponding.

Permeable paving panels are the ideal solution for reinforcing grass, gravel and decorative stone in highly stressed areas, vehicle parking, driveways, golf courses, parks or hard stand areas for boats, trailers or caravans.

The result is an aesthetically pleasing, durable and functional landscape for years to come.


Installation Layers

SurePave is designed to stabilise and support grass. Creating a free draining, strong surface that is environmentally friendly and functional.


An attractive alternative to concrete and asphalt pavements. Free draining, structurally strong, aesthetically appealing and cost-effective.


Benefits & Features

  • Permeable surface
  • 100% recycled high-density polypropylene
  • Designed to allow turf roots to grow without restriction
  • Can be uplifted to access services
  • Rated for residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Cost-effective and easy to install
  • Stabilises sloping terrain
  • Protects tree roots
  • Free draining
  • Car park markers available


SurePave’s unique cell structure is designed to evenly distribute the weight placed on top, minimising compaction while also eliminating ponding due to its free draining, impermeable surface.

With the ability to work with grass and gravel SurePave allows a seamless transition between different surfaces. Check out how successful this driveway and hard stand area work with SurePave in both a grass and gravel applications.


Panel Size
SurePave Black
816mm x 612mm x 40mm


Frequently Asked Questions

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