Cirtex® Timber Stakes

Cirtex Timber Stakes are used for a wide range of applications on a site, from set out stakes, to securing concrete boxing.

Cirtex Timber Stakes are top quality, kiln dried, knot free, dressed timber, with a long sharp point for easy driving on site.

Available in a range of sizes as listed below to suit the different requirements.






Timber Stake

50mm x 22mm x 450mm


Timber Stake

50mm x 22mm x 600mm


Timber Stake

50mm x 22mm x 900mm


Timber Stake

50mm x 22mm x 1200mm


Timber Stake

45mm x 45mm x 450mm


Timber Stake

45mm x 45mm x 600mm


Timber Stake

45mm x 45mm x 900mm

Other sizes available on request

Benefits & Features

  • Strong knot free timber
  • Kiln dried to give a light clean stake
  • Smooth dressed surface making it easy to write on
  • Long sharp point making driving on site easy
  • A wide range of sizes and lengths available
  • Painted marker tops (supplied in packs) available on request

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