Creating Aesthetic Roof Gardens with Stormwater Systems

Roof gardens have become an increasingly popular choice for commercial applications

Urban sprawl and heat is becoming an alarmingly urgent issue in metropolitan areas. The reduction of green spaces paired with increased asphalt surfaces is causing urban heat to rise to catastrophic levels.

Roof gardens have become an increasingly popular choice for commercial applications, absorbing up to 70% of annual rainfall that falls on them. The key benefits installing roof gardens outweigh traditional applications usually plagued with problems like cracking or leaking, creating natural outdoor environments in metropolitan areas.

What is a roof garden?

A roofed area that is partially or completely covered with vegetation or soil, installed above a stormwater system and waterproofing membrane specifically designed for roof gardens.

What makes Rainsmart Drainage Cell the preferred choice in roof gardens?

RainSmart Cell is a multifunction drainage cell with many benefits allowing the natural sharing of water, nutrients and beneficial organisms across the entire roof area. Minimising hot, and dry zones, providing a uniform surface with an internal void area for effective drainage.

The diamond cup cells provide water retention for irrigation, building a water table for the above soil which helps vegetation establish and flourish during fluctuating climatic conditions.

Landscapers can be assured RainSmart Cell is effective with roof top gardens where mature plantings are specified for the project. This system is shallow and has an effective drainage profile ensuring maximum soil depths are possible with efficient water retention properties.

Environmental Benefits

  • Energy Savings – reduces urban heat and energy consumption
  • Stormwater management – reduces runoff
  • Insulation – reduces sound and temperature
  • Air & water purification – soil filters the water, plants convert CO2 to oxygen
  • Longer roof life – protects roof membrane from climate extremes

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