Pavements, Embankments and Raft Foundations



DuraForce™ AS Series Nonwoven Geotextile

DuraForce AS series geotextiles are manufactured and tested to exact quality standards and rated according to the NZTA F/7 specification for geotextiles. Available in a range of grades depending on the particular engineering application required.

SecuGrid® Multi-Directional Geogrid

SecuGrid is designed to interlock with the aggregate placed above it to provide stabilisation and bearing capacity improvement to soft subgrades and also reduce rutting in a pavement application.

CombiGrid® Multi-Directional Geogrid Geotextile Composite

CombiGrid combines all the functions of a geogrid and geotextile in one single product and is ideal for reducing aggregate depth requirements and providing a stable platform on soft ground.

DuraGrid – Polypropylene Biaxial Geogrid

DuraGrid is a range of polypropylene biaxial geogrids for use in base course reinforcement and sub-grade stabilisation applications such as road pavements, reinforced foundations and working platforms on soft ground.

GridTex – Geogrid/Geotextile Geocomposite

GridTex is a combination of DuraGrid polypropylene geogrid for stabilisation and reinforcement, combined with a 200gsm nonwoven geotextile for separation and filtration.

DuraForce™ WG Series Woven Geotextile

DuraForce woven geotextiles are suited to applications where the primary function is one of separation with a secondary benefit of reinforcement.

Geoter PET Basal Reinforcement Geotextile

Geoter is especially designed for reinforcement of embankments on soft soils, road foundations, and supporting structures, fills and slopes.

Cirtex® Wick Drain – Pre-fabricated vertical drains (PVD)

Wick Drains can be of significant assistance in increasing the speed of consolidation of very soft soils and ultimately increasing the shear strength of the soil such that some engineering structure may be constructed.

CAPLab Pavement Design Program

Cirtex has developed our very own Pavement Design Software to assist designers with selecting the appropriate geogrid, geotextile along with pavement thickness based on the referenced engineering standards, testing, and research.