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Technical Design Support

Technical Design & Support by Cirtex

Technical Ability

Our technical and design support staff are available throughout the sale process and project duration to support the contractor in the use and best practice associated with products supplied. We offer technical presentations, one on one or informal groups. Cirtex® has a reputation for assisting customers beyond what would normally be expected, as part of our committal to a partnership of expertise which delivers success.

Design support is a key feature that Cirtex offers. Please refer to the Cirtex Industries Ltd ‘Project Design Options’ document for more information on this service.

Cirtex is dedicated to being up to date with the latest developments and methodology globally, and our staff regularly attend international industry events to ensure we remain at the leading edge of the industry.


From initial concepts through to advanced collaboration with the project engineers and on-site installation support, Cirtex is focused on providing outstanding support throughout the entire project.

Cirtex Technical Design