BioCoir – Coir Log

BioCoir Coir Logs are manufactured from 100% biodegradable material. The primary log consists of coir fibre bound tightly with coir mesh.

BioCoir Logs are commonly used in stream banks, waterway engineering and beautification projects to prevent erosion and allow vegetation to establish. BioCoir Logs will have a lifespan of up to six years depending on the environment where they are installed.

BioCoir Logs can be held in place with Timber Stakes. They are often staked to form a wall, connected to each other with coir rope that is then planted with vegetation that establishes over time make it natural and ascetically pleasing.




BioCoir Coconut Fibre Logs 300mm x 3m


  • Quick and easy to install
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Forms well with curves and shapes
  • Natural looking product to work in sensitive areas
  • Light and easy to place
  • Prevents erosion


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