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TerraLink™ Rockfall Mesh

TerraLink™ Rockfall Mesh is woven in a unique double twist weave providing a robust product and minimising the potential to unravel.

TerraLink Rockfall Mesh is manufactured from galvanised and PVC coated wire for long term use in exposed environments.

They can be installed to prevent rockfall or to allow rocks to fall in a controlled manner and prevent them from causing any damage to a structure or to the public. The mesh can be used to stop rocks, control their trajectory, reduce the energy, or in cases where slope geometry permits, used in a catchment in conjunction with an inclined deceleration zone.

TerraLink Rockfall Mesh can be used in conjunction with Platipus® Earth Anchors.

Platipus® is a Registered Trademarks of Platipus Anchor, registered in England.


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76286 TerraLink Rockfall Mesh Galv/PVC 2m x 50m (100m²)

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