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Geosynthetics testing Australasia

About GeoCert

The GeoCert geosynthetics testing laboratory is a specialist facility for testing Geosynthetic Materials and Filter Sleeve™. The Laboratory holds an ILAC-MRA IANZ accreditation to the ISO 17025 standard for its scope of testing. This is a world class, third-party accreditation which demonstrates a high level of independence and accuracy, giving certainty to our customers. 

This modern laboratory is equipped with state of the art, world-class equipment and independently accredited processes and allows Cirtex to offer a higher level of certainty and support to the industry in New Zealand. In addition, this facility provides exciting opportunities for research and development, and project-specific testing to optimise designs.

For more information or to get testing done, contact GeoCert on 07 868 0548 or email

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Inside the Lab

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