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Supplying a comprehensive range of the latest geosynthetic products from both our own manufacturing operation in New Zealand and World Class manufacturers overseas.

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Smarter Road Network Maintenance

15 Aug 2018

Once again, we find ourselves deep in the middle of winter with the weather pounding our road networks and coastal areas, and many parts of the country experiencing saturated ground conditions....

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Geotextile protecting our coastlines

4 Jul 2018

New Zealand has a very long coastline in proportion to its land mass, with approximately 15,000 kilometres of coastline, which is the 9th longest of any country in the world. This makes the...

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Which Block Wall is best for your site?

5 Mar 2018

Whether it’s enhancing your backyard, creating more usable space for a subdivision, or a large commercial development, retaining walls are creating value for customers every day by allowing...

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