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DuraForce® WG Woven Geotextile

DuraForce® WG Woven Geotextile

DuraForce® woven geotextile is suited to applications requiring both separation and reinforcement.

DuraForce WG is a polypropylene (PP) range of products used in unpaved roading applications, where the primary function is separation with a secondary benefit of reinforcement.

Typically, the strength range of these products is between 14 kN/m to 150 kN/m.

DuraForce WG geotextiles are predominantly used in the construction of access tracks and unsealed roads providing access to and around project sites.

Within the forestry industry, DuraForce WG geotextiles are also widely used as they provide a cost-effective way of constructing access roads where there is a high concentration of heavy traffic and extremely poor subgrades.


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76251 WG30 5.3m x 100m (530m2)
13148 WG60 5.2m x 100m (520m2)
76252 WG80 5.2m x 100m (520m2)
76249 WG100 5.2m x 100m (520m2)

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