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Super SiltFence

Super SiltFence is used in applications experiencing increased pressure on the fence due to the high water concentration from large catchment areas.

Super SiltFence is the combination of a double layer woven silt fence material, supported with a galvanized wire mesh for the more demanding conditions.

Super SiltFence is used in applications where there will be excessive pressure on the fence or areas where high water concentration of large catchments is being controlled with the Super SiltFence. The wire mesh adds support to the double layer SiltFence material and prevents the fence from blowing out when under large loads.


SiltFence Portal

The SiltFence Portal consists of back-to-back anti–seep collars that are sealed and secured on both sides of a SiltFence or Super SiltFence and can be secured with additional waratahs for long term stability.

This unit is available for 100mm and 150mm solid novacoil pipes. This allows stormwater connection or dirty water diversions to pass through a silt fence whilst maintaining its structural integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Super SiltFence is a combination of two layers of SiltFence. One layer 800mm from ground level with a second layer sewn to the first layer at 450mm from the ground.

Both layers of SiltFence are then supported by a welded wire mesh to give extra strength to the fence. There must be two layers of SiltFence sewn together and the backing wire mesh for the super silt fence to be compliant.

Used in applications using standard SiltFence but where more strength is needed.

Super SiltFence Double Layer Fabric is supplied in a 1.2m x 50m roll.

Super SiltFence Wire Mesh is supplied in a 1m x 50m roll.

By positioning the green line at the bottom of the trench this ensures that the Super SiltFence is installed correctly with the double layer being trenched, 400mm of double layer directly above the ground and the 400mm of single layer at the top.

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76302 Super SiltFence Double Layer Sewn 1.2m x 50m
13319 Super SiltFence Mesh 1.0m x 50m

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